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Tuscaloosa Home Downpayment Assistance Program

Tuscaloosa Home Downpayment Program offers downpayment assistance program first time home buyers. To get more information visit their website

In order to assist citizens whose homes were destroyed during the tornado and to stimulate the repopulation and revitalization of the affected disaster area, the City of Tuscaloosa is allocating a portion of the CDBG Disaster Recovery grant totaling $500,000 for the purpose of providing incentive for citizens to purchase homes in the Tuscaloosa community.

This first time home buyer program is subject to change and may be discontinued. Not all first time home buyers will be approved for the Tuscaloosa Home Purchase Assistance Program. There are other programs such as the Alabama FHA Home Loan that can help borrowers who do not have money for a down payment and/or settlement costs.

Visit Alabama First Time Home Buyer Programs for a list of other first time home buyer programs.

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