Arizona Home Plus Mortgage Loan Program

The AzHFA Home Plus Mortgage Loan Origination Program provides an attractive 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with a down payment assistance (DPA) grant to qualifying homebuyers purchasing a primary residence which they intend to occupy throughout most of Arizona. The loan program is currently not available in Pima County. The DPA is provided as a non-repayable grant that can be used for the down payment and closing costs, equal to four percent of the initial principal balance of the mortgage loan. Qualified U.S. military personnel and veterans may receive an additional one percent of DPA for a total of five percent of the mortgage amount. The DPA is only available in conjunction with a Home Plus loan and is funded by AzHFA at the mortgage loan closing. Home Plus users do not need to be first-time buyers.

To learn more about AzHFA Home Plus Mortgage Loan Origination Program, please visit or call 602-771-1000.

2015 Arizona First Time Home Buyer Programs

Arizona Southwest Housing Foundation Down Payment Gift Program (GIFT) @ (480) 926-7206

Phoenix Neighborhood Housing Services Down Payment Assistance Program (DPCC) @ (602) 258-1659

Phoenix Valley-CORP Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) @ (602) 247-4764

Tempe Community Assisted Mortgage Program@ (480) 350-8961

Glendale Los Vecinos Housing Development, Inc. First Time Home Buyer Program (FTHB) @ (623) 435-2255

Pima County Pima Gold Home Program @ (520) 882-0018

Peoria Arizona Home Buyer Assistance Program @ (480) 649-1335

Flagstaff Affordable Housing Coalition Community Home Buyer Assistance Program (CHAP) @ (520) 214-7456

Flagstaff Affordable Housing Coalition Community Home Buyer Assistance Program (CHAP) @ (520) 214-7456

Tucson Family Services Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco Affordable Housing Program (AHP) @ (520) 322-9557

Tucson, Arizona  TMM Family Services First Time Home Buyer Grant Program (GRANT) @ (520) 322-9557

Tucson, Arizona  TMM Family Services First Time Home Buyer Grant Program (GRANT) @ (520) 322-9557

Southern Arizona Government Organization, Rural Home Purchase Assistance Program (RHAP) @ (520) 432-5301

San Luis Comite de Bien Estar Forgivable Loan Gap Financing Program @ (928) 627-8559

Yuma County Housing America Corporation Rural Home Purchase Assistance Program @ (928) 627-4221

It’s a Great Time to Be a First Time Homebuyer in Arizona!

src=""If you are currently a first time home buyer, and shopping for a property in the great state of Arizona, you are definitely in luck. Property values are currently at their lowest levels in years, and Arizona has unfortunately been hit hard by the foreclosure market. Put that together with low mortgage rates and you are in for a perfect time to get started in owning Real Estate.

There are terrific deals to be had in cities like, Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona and more. Even though the values have dropped dramatically for home sellers, current home buyers and the lucky first time home buyer, can get in on the Real Estate appreciation that will be happening again in the coming years.

The second best thing about buying property now or in the near future, is mortgage rates are still currently at 50 year lows. There are some great first time home buyer programs available from FHA, as well as from Fannie Mae traditional mortgages. Low down payments and low interest rates make it very affordable for first time home buyers to get started.

Be sure to get pre-approved by your mortgage lender prior to shopping for your new home. This way, you will know exactly what your are qualified for and how much home you can afford. Put off paying for any big ticket items like a car for now and invest instead in Real Estate which over the long haul always continues to go up in price.

This current Real Estate market is offering a wonderful opportunity to all who are purchasing today. We have never seen such low rates on mortgages coupled with an extreme correction in housing values. This makes the perfect buyer’s opportunity.

Arizona is one of five states hit the hardest with REO’s (foreclosures)and therefore prices have really corrected from the high levels of 2006. Mortgage rates are staying low for new buyer financing. This is a two way incredible opportunity for the first time home buyer, and one that has not been offered up before.

If you are an Arizona First Time Home Buyer, you are at the right place at the right time. Go for it.