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Baltimore County Incentive Purchase Program

Baltimore County Incentive Purchase Program was developed as a way to help first time home buyers

Baltimore County Incentive Purchase Program offers a $3000 loan to first time home buyers. To inquire call (410) 887-3803.

This first time home buyer program is subject to change and may not be available. Not all first time home borrowers will qualify for the Baltimore County Incentive Purchase Program. There are other options including the Maryland FHA Home Loan that can help buyers who have little to no savings for a down payment and/or settlement expenses.

Visit Maryland First Time Home Buyer Programs for a list of other first time home buyer programs.

Are you a first time home buyer? Follow this three step process to get started:

1. Credit Score: Click here to get a copy of your credit score.
2. Mortgage: Once you know your credit score, click here to apply for a mortgage at one of the most trusted mortgage companies on the internet.
3. Home Search: Click here to find a real estate agent that specializes in First Time Home Buyers.


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Are you a first time home buyer?

First Time Home Buyer? See if you qualify for Low Mortgage Rates!